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What to Bring

What to bring with you on your riding holiday 

Waterproof jacket

We can experience four seasons in a day here in Scotland so we recommend riders always ride with a waterproof jacket attached to their saddle in case of a sudden downpour. We recommend light, quick drying materials rather than leather or waxed cotton waterproofs as these can often take a long time to dry once wet.

Waterproof trousers

These are fantastic for keeping your legs dry and warm while riding. If you do not have your own, please let us know before your ride so we can bring the right size for you.


The weather here is changeable so we recommend riders dress in layers. A solid base layer for top and bottom is recommended as well as a fleece or softshell and a waterproof outer shell. Even in summer, it can get quite cold especially on remote hill passes.

Comfortable trousers to ride in

We do not recommend denim due to inseam irritation and the long drying time should you get wet. Walking trousers, jodhpurs and leggings are preferred. Ensure your trousers are easy to both walk and ride in.

Horse rides through Glen Affric

Waterproof Boots

Please make sure your riding boots are at minimum waterproof/resistant to ankle height. Ensure your boots are comfortable to ride in but also to walk over rough terrain as there may be sections of the trail that require you to lead your horse. We recommend a robust walking boot paired with a pair of half chaps. Half chaps or long socks are recommended if you are wearing an ankle height boot to prevent any stirrup leather pinching. Paddock boots and tall riding boots are fine as long as they have sufficient grip on the soles. We do not recommend dressage boots.

Sunglasses + sunscreen and any medicines you may need

You will have a small front saddle bag attached to your saddle for any small items you need with you during the day riding such as sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, water etc.

Fly/Midge repellent or a midge net

Midges can be a little bit pesky in the summer months. Whilst not often an issue while riding, there can be some hanging around while we tack up or have lunch. Please bring your preferred repellant with you. Your ride leader will have some on hand for top-ups during the ride and we can supply midge nets if you don’t have one.

Two water bottles

To reduce our plastic waste, we are no longer supplying disposable plastic water bottles. We will provide two basic reusable bottles to riders on the first day however if you have a preference for style of bottle then we recommend you bring your own. We ask riders to bring two to keep the saddle bags weighted evenly. 

Small amount of local currency (Pound Sterling £)

The rides include all meals but we do not include drinks at the bar, so it is wise to bring a small amount of cash with you for any little extras you might need. Please remember that some of our hotels are very remote and are not connected to the national electricity or phone network which means that they do not have the facility to accept credit or debit cards (they run on their own private electricity generators)

Battery charger for your phone and electronics + power plug adaptor

Please ensure you have the correct power plug adapter with you for your electronics as our outlets may differ from those in your country. For those from the US, please also note that the voltage here in the UK is different from the US so you may need a voltage converter to be able to use your electronics. Mobile phone coverage is patchy, but most days we can get a signal on at least part of the trail and coverage is getting better each year, so we have mobile access at most hotels – but not all. We carry a satellite phone which ensures that we can always make contact with the outside world if necessary. If you bring a mobile phone or camera, don’t forget your battery charger! Wifi is also available at most of our accommodation providers – but not all. We accept no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of any of your possessions brought with you on the ride so please do not bring any unnecessary expensive electronics. As always, we recommend you have travel insurance for the duration of the ride that covers theft, loss or damage of your personal possessions.

Basic Toiletries/Toothbrush etc

All hotels provide soap at the very least, so just bring basic toiletries – toothbrush and paste, sachets of shampoo travel well and any other essentials you might need. The hotels on some of our rides are quite remote so please note if you would like to be guaranteed a hairdryer, you will need to bring one with you.

Please Travel Light

We request that the rider's main suitcase/luggage item weighs no more than 20kg. You are welcome to bring 1-2 extra, smaller ‘hand luggage’ bags. We have put this rule in place as our back-up crew will have to haul your luggage in and out of vehicles and often up narrow staircases into hotels for the duration of the ride. Please be respectful of our back up team and other riders as space is limited in the trailer where your luggage will be transported.

We realise that some of our riders may be spending time touring around either before or after the ride, so If you need to bring extra luggage or have a bag that is heavier than our weight limit, please get in touch to let us know and we can discuss options.

We hope this helps. Should you have any queries whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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