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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a pick up or transfer service?

For some rides, we can offer a pick up service from Aberdeen or Inverness. Please get in touch with us to discuss options.

Do you have a weight/height limit? 

Yes, our weight limit is 15st which is 95kg or 210lbs. We do not have a height limit. 

Do you have an age limit? 

We do not have an upper age limit for our long rides. For children, please get in touch to discuss individual circumstances and route options. 

What is your maximum group size?

We prefer small group experiences so for this reason, we limit our group sizes to 8 riders. 

Do I need to be a professional rider?

We require all our riders to be comfortable and competent with stopping/steering their horse at all gaits. Riders should be comfortable and balanced in a rising trot and canter at minimum and comfortable with 5+ hours in the saddle each day. That being said, we definitely don't require you to be a professional rider! As long as you are balanced, comfortable and respectful of our horses, you will have a great time. We get plenty of rusty riders who haven't ridden in a few years and we are happy to accomodate this type of rider! Let us know if you have any concerns about your riding fitness at the time of booking and we can advise you on the most suitable ride for you on the best ways to prepare!

Do you offer self-guided rides?

Due to the ever changing weather as well as difficult terrain and specific agreements with the landowners, we do not offer self guided ride itineraries


Do you carry a mounting block?

We do not carry a mounting block with us on the trail as we have limited space in the trailer. However, we are masters of finding what we like to call 'natural mounting blocks.' It is better for us and better for the horse to get a boost when mounting up, especially if we are on and off multiple times in a day, Your ride leader will always point out the best natural features that can be used as a mounting block such as large rocks, logs or small mounds.

What saddles do you use?

We put horse comfort first so we use a wide variety of saddles - it just depends on what fits each horses shape best! We mostly use Podium endurance saddles and english endurance saddles. Our stirrups all have wide footbeds for comfort and are all fitted with a safety toe cage.

What if I've only ever ridden Western style?

A lot of our US guests have only ever ridden western, this is usually not a problem and we find that most riders adjust after a day or two. We do require riders to be capable of a rising trot - so best to practice this before your holiday with us.

Can I bring my own saddle?

Each of our horses has their own saddle professionally fitted by a master saddle fitter. Correct saddle size and fit is incredibly important when riding over these sorts of distances so for this reason, we do not allow riders to bring their own saddles to ride in. 

Can I bring my own seat saver?

A lot of our saddles are fitted with wool seat savers already and we usually aim to have a stock of gel seat covers with us for anyone who starts to feel a little saddle sore. You are welcome to bring your own though keep in mind, some styles of seat savers may not fit the saddle you will ride in. If that happens, we will always try to have one on hand! 

What can I bring with me during the days riding?

Your horse will have saddle bags on the pommel where you can store small items you might need during the day such as camera, sunglasses, sunscreen etc as well as your packed lunch and water. 

What if I need to use the bathroom during the ride?

We pride ourselves on finding the most spectacular trails to ride on in Scotland and often these are quite remote. This means that we aren't often passing a public bathroom! For this reason, toilet stops will be 'au naturale.'  

Can I bring my own horse?

We run a closed herd which means we do not allow our horses to come into contact with horses outside their herd. This helps to minimise biosecurity issues as well as potential injuries. Our horses are trained to be able to handle every eventuality that we might meet on the trail, from loose sheep, cows and tractors to rocky terrain, river crossings and rough footing. 

Do your hire helmets/riding boots? 

We do have a selection of helmets available for riders to borrow. We sadly don't offer riding boots at this time. 

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