Most of our trail horses are actually ponies - but big ones!  The best equines to ride in this tough environment are tough native ponies – and Highland Ponies have been shaped by the nature of this land to cope with the toughest of the tough!  Therefore, most of ours are Highlands, or Highland crosses, but we also have some lovely Irish Cobs a couple of Appaloosas, a Fell cross, a Quarter horse cross, an Arab amongst a couple of assorted others!


Wherever possible, we go for the natural approach with our horses. We use gentle training methods and most of our horses go barefoot most of the time - however we do use Easyboots when they are being ridden on hard or stoney ground, as we find that wearing boots works better for them than wearing shoes - no risk of losing a shoe and nail injury in the middle of nowhere and the boots protect the sole from bruising on stoney trails too.

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