Most of our trail horses are actually ponies - but big ones!  The best equines to ride in this tough environment are tough native ponies – and Highland Ponies have been shaped by the nature of this land to cope with the toughest of the tough!  Therefore, most of ours are Highlands, or Highland crosses, but we also have some lovely Irish Cobs a couple of Appaloosas, a Fell cross, a Quarter horse cross, an Arab amongst a couple of assorted others!


Wherever possible, we go for the natural approach with our horses. We use gentle training methods and most of our horses go barefoot most of the time - however we do use Easyboots when they are being ridden on hard or stoney ground, as we find that wearing boots works better for them than wearing shoes - no risk of losing a shoe and nail injury in the middle of nowhere and the boots protect the sole from bruising on stoney trails too.

Ginny is 16.2hh 
She is such a gentle giant. She will do everything you ask and is great for beginner and experienced riders alike. Always patient and just gets on with her job.


Bella is an 8 year old ex trotter. She is incredibly playful, nosey and probably the sweetest pony you'll ever meet. She loves cuddles and scratches, and if you scratch her in the right spot, she'll groom you back! 



Foxy is a 8 year old Highland X 
She is so playful and curious, she always loves to be in the centre of the action. She has futhered her ridden career this year and she is now ready to go out onto the trails and explore Scotland! 


Brooke is an Appaloosa X
She was bred here at Highlands Unbridled and has been a part of our family since she was born. The sweetest girl you will ever meet who will do her best to please you, she's our very own Black Beauty! 


Mhaia is a Highland Pony

She is very playful and absolutely loves going out on the long distance trails. She loves being at the front and can beat some of the bigger horses in a race!


Bonnie is Quarter horse/Arab  X

She adores all humans and loves a good scratch. Bonnie is great fun to ride and is always very relaxed but she has an extra gear when galloping on the beach!


Breagha Autumn1small.jpg


Breagha is a Friesian mare.

Breagha is Dominique's personal horse and they enjoy liberty riding, baroque tack, learning tricks and exploring our local hills.

Lexi is a Highland Pony

She is a strong, sturdy girl who is great for beginners because she is so relaxed and loves to take things at her own pace. Classic highland pony who loves food more than air! 


Rain is an Appaloosa
She is the proud mother of Brooke and will hopefully give us another foal sometime soon. 



Ghost is an 8 year old Irish Cob. She has an incredibly long mane and unique markings. She is playful and inquisitive. This year we futhered her riding education and we hope we can welcome her on the trails in the next few years. 


Annie is a Cob X

She is a natural born leader and all the horses in her herd would follow her anywhere! 
She is sweet, smart and very responsible.



Catkin is a 11 year old grey Highland pony who is very sweet and absolutely adores treats. She is a lovely steady mare who has the most comfortable trot and canter you'll ever ride! 

Maverick is a Highland Pony

He is a big, solid boy and definitely the pony with the most character (and the one getting into the most trouble) out on the trails. He definitely lives up to his name! 


Corrie is a Highland Pony / Connemara x 

She is fiery little pony who is a fast favourite with all our guests. She can often be found at the front of the pack. 


Woody is a Highland/Cleveland Bay X

He is such a character and is a favourite here at the yard. He loves hacking out to new places! 




Brodie is a 12 year old Highland pony who absolutely adores going swimming and going for a canter on the beach. She has a lot of character and is probably the sassiest pony we've got. Everyone falls in love with her attidue! 



Callum is Highland Pony

He is a cream dun and has an amazing, long grey mane! He is very sweet and friendly and is best friends with Maverick. They spend hours playing around in their field

Magic is a Few Spot Appaloosa

She is absolutely full of beans and loves to run! Magic is absolutely full of life and has buckets character. Surefire hit with those who love to go fast.


Fern is a Highland Pony
She used to do the long distance trails but now is enjoying semi-retirement and does lessons with the kids and short hacks.



Gordon and Bluebelle are Dominique's two resident donkeys. They are cheeky and absolutely love treats and playing around.  They can always been seen keeping an eye on goings on about the yard and the love to go for walks! 



Rabbie is a 12 year old grey Highland Pony. He is a very big boy and has the smoothest trot and canter you'll ever feel, we call him our resident armchair!


May is a Haflinger with a beautiful long mane. She is very sweet and absolutely loves to go out into the forest and down to the beach. 


Rae is Highland Pony

She is Mhaia's mother and is a beloved member of the team at the yard. She does mostly short hacks these days but does enjoy getting out on a day ride every once in a while! 



Whilst these two are only just out of kitten-hood, they still have their mischievous spirit. You can often find them playing in the hay bales or pouncing on each other in the long grass!